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Sane leadership is the unshakeable faith in people’s capacity to be generous, creative and kind. It is the commitment to create the conditions for these capacities to blossom, protected from the external environment. It is the deep knowing that, even in the most dire circumstances, more becomes possible as people engage together with compassion and discernment, self-determining their way forward.

—   Margaret WheatlyWho do we choose to be?

The Embodied Learning Institute is a space of connection, healing, growth, and leadership-development for individuals, communities, organizations, and people-powered movements.

Clients thrive, as they hone the four pillars of Embodied Enoughness: Somatic Sensibilities, Wholehearted Presence, Dynamic Discernment, and Leaderful Living.

These pillars engage four ordinary and ubiquitous cultural tendencies: disconnection from sensations/feeling, lack of compassion for self/others, ego-driven dualistic thinking, and relentless individualism.

These learned inclinations hinder our ability to thrive. At ELI, we teach clients to hone themselves through the practices outlined in our four pillars, undoing these unhealthy tendencies that are at the root of so much strife in our lives and in our culture.

Our Mission

Empower individuals, communities, teams and organizations to thrive through Embodied Learning.

Our Vision

Ignite an Embodied Enoughness movement that transforms how we live, lead, love, and learn.

Our Values

ELI is all about Embodied Learning. Embodied Learning embraces universal interconnectivity, relies on practice-based living, and generates a grounded, expansive, and integrated way of being. It is an ethos that ignites positive social change within a neoliberal capitalist society guided by scarcity, individualism, and control. Our other foundational values, which are listed below, align with our Embodied Learning ethos.

  • Inherent Dignity

    At ELI, we deeply believe in and respect the innate dignity that resides in all living beings. We embody this value by co-creating mutually respectful relationships that engage, embrace, and honor this core human need.

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  • Thriving Together

    At ELI, we believe we are shaped by our experiences. When we disclose our formative personal, familial, social, cultural... expereinces in a supportive environment we create space for healing. The transformational relationships and communities we create allow us all to thrive together.

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  • Social Justice

    At ELI, we deeply value social justice. We embody this through our conscious efforts to challenge and change the narratives, structures, and practices that enable injustice. ELI is commmitted to inclusion, access, equity, and diversity. We take ownership of our privileged identities; engage the ways multiple intersecting identities shape experience; and prioritize accessible programming.

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  • Practice-Based Living

    At ELI, we believe we are what we practice. We embody practice-based living by: (1) generating awareness of default practices; (2) meeting default practices with an ethos of unconditional understanding; (3) creating and consistently engaging in purposeful practices that align with commitments and values.

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  • Holistic Education

    At ELI, we emphasize the way we learn through our head, heart, and gut. We attend to the role our nervous system plays in our learned behaviors. Moreover, we respect and honor all realms of development, which include, but are not limited to: emotional, social, cognitive, physiological, psychological, spiritual...

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  • Radical Compassion

    At ELI, radical compassion is an embodied way of being grounded in a deep awareness and acceptance of the multiple interconnected parts that constitute our continually evolving identities. We embody this value through the radical compassion we hold for ourselves, hold for others, and ignite in our clients.

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  • Interconnectivity

    At ELI, we honor the interconnectivity and interdependence of all living systems. ELI embraces a transdisciplinary perspective that avoids simplistic divisions. We prioritize the beautiful complexity and expansive nature of interconnectivity, interdependence, collective co-creation, and nonlinear thinking.

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  • Right-Sized Humility

    At ELI, right-sized humility is a space of awareness, respect, and accountability for self and others. We embody this teachable and humble way of being through actions like: seeking to understand and learn from others; taking ownership of mistakes; and setting clear boundaries.

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