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ELI's Approach to Coaching

Embody new ways of being & create room for more choice.

At ELI we believe how you live is how you lead. We don’t embrace the simplistic distinction between “life,” “leadership” and “executive” coaching. We view individuals as complex beings with multiple parts. We can think of our “parts” as well-traveled neural pathways that developed to ensure our well-being. At ELI clients learn to recognize, support, and honor all their "parts." This awareness and compassion creates room for more choice.

Coaching Ethos

Cultivate your inherent drive to thrive.

Clients thrive, as they hone the four pillars of Embodied Enoughness: somatic sensibility, wholehearted presence, dynamic discernment, and leaderful living. These pillars engage four ordinary and ubiquitous cultural tendencies: disconnection from sensations/feeling, lack of compassion for self/others, ego-driven dualistic thinking, and relentless individualism. These learned inclinations hinder our ability to thrive.

Learn more about the elements that ground our Coaching Ethos below.

Client-Led Coaching Partnerships

ELI’s client-led coaching partnerships are grounded in connection, trust, and collective co-creation.

Humanistic Lens

ELI coaching services are guided by a humanistic lens that hones the innate and unique vitality, passion, and possibility within each client.

Holistic approach 

ELI coaching services offer a holistic approach (e.g. biological, physiological, personal, interpersonal, cultural, social…) that engages the depth and complexity that characterizes the ways we live, learn, and lead.


ELI coaching services rely on innovative and cutting edge fields of study (e.g., somatics, interpersonal neurobiology, feminist studies, cultural studies, and leadership studies) and frameworks (e.g., Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems, and Divided Brain and Western Culture) that advance practice-based embodied learning.

Trauma Informed Practice

ELI coaching services are attuned to the universal role trauma plays in human lives, and they ways it is ignored, misunderstood, belittled, denied… ELI’s trauma informed practice includes, but is not limited to: a deep respect for the protective parts that develop to deal with painful life events; a deep understanding of how these parts are built into the nervous system; and a deep awareness of the human suffering experienced due to unprocessed trauma.

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