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The ELI Approach

ELI’s coaching, consulting, and training services activate positive energy, promote expansion, and enable limitless growth through Embodied Learning.

Embodied Coaching

ELI's Embodied Coaching activates the inherent human drive to thrive. Clients learn how to live from a space of Embodied Enoughness.

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Opportunities for Growth

  • Hone your bodily awareness so you can thoughtfully respond from a place of choice in times of stress.
  • Compassionately engage the default practices built into your nervous system.
  • Cultivate your ability to ground in what is, live from a space of expansion, and engage self and others with deep understanding.
  • Generate transformational change through Embodied Learning.
  • Develop practices that enable you to step into your Embodied Enoughness.

Customized Consulting

ELI's Customized Consulting cultivates dynamic and agile teams, organizations, and communities that act in alignment with their values, foster trust, and embrace interdependence.

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Opportunities for Growth

  • Lead from a space of awareness and understanding that allows you to effectively manage your internal experiences.
  • Cultivate relationships grounded in trust that inspire collective emergence.
  • Engage from a space of complexity and dynamic discernment.
  • Co-create spaces of collective accountability through the practice of distributed leadership.
  • Mobilize organizations, teams, and communities toward purposeful action.

Transformational Training

ELI's Transformational Trainings co-create individual & collective change through learning communities that challenge the cultural status quo, ignite collective passion, and inspire new ways of being.

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Opportunities for Growth

  • Inhabit new ways of being through collective practices that cultivate our inherent drive toward interdependence.
  • Build new neural pathways in learning communities that prioritizes social justice, equity and inclusion.
  • Engage cultural, political, economic, technological, and social challenges from a space of complexity.
  • Take action to change the collective practices, beliefs, and processes that limit our ability to thrive.
  • Hone your connection to your head, heart, and gut in learning communities guided by Embodied Enoughness.

ELI’s Offerings

Learn more about ELI’s coaching, consulting, and collaborative learning community.

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